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The benchmark category of my blog has posts related to Bonnie++ and other benchamrk development work. It also includes information on Postal my mail host server benchmark.

Version 1.04 will hopefully be the last release of Bonnie++ 1.x. I hope that now I can concentrate on version 2.0 which will have many new features.
I knew saying that was asking for trouble. GCC came out and broke it, 1.03a makes it compile with GCC 3.2. The putc/getc results will be slightly lower with GCC 3.2 though...
I've been a bit slack with 2.x development, so I had to release a new 1.03b version. Adds write support for zcav as the main change.

Bonnie++ is a benchmark suite that is aimed at performing a number of simple tests of hard drive and file system performance. Then you can decide which test is important and decide how to compare different systems after running it. I have no plans to ever have it produce a single number, because I don't think that a single number can be useful when comparing such things.
The main program tests database type access to a single file (or a set of files if you wish to test more than 1G of storage), and it tests creation, reading, and deleting of small files which can simulate the usage of programs such as Squid, INN, or Maildir format email.
The ZCAV program which I initially released as a seperate package tests the performance of different zones of a hard drive. It does not write any data (so you can use it on full file systems). It can show why comparing the speed of Windows at the start of a hard drive to Linux at the end of the hard drive (typical dual-boot scenario) isn't a valid comparison.
Bonnie++ was based on the code for Bonnie by Tim Bray. Here is a summary of the differences between Bonnie 1.0 and Bonnie++ 1.0.

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