Australasian Wines I've tried
Tyrrell's Old Winery Shiraz

It has a fruity and slightly musky aroma. The flavour is slightly acidic, full bodied but not overpowering. The after-taste fades quickly.

The label recommends serving with spicey Indian or Chinese food or with a pepper steak. I would recommend something stronger with such food. I'd have this with pasta or a meat dish that's not particularly spicey. The cost was below $20 and it's definately value for money.

Brematon 1996 Watervale Riesling

This Riesling has a fresh fruity aroma and flavour. It is very light and refreshing. Excellent value for money at $10.

Hardy's Falling Leaf Shiraz - 1997

This is a very strong Shiraz. The aroma was very obvious from the moment I poured the wine into the jug. But even though it's very strong it is smooth enough that it's very easy to drink. Do not drink this with any mild flavoured food, the food will be annihilated by the flavour of the wine. I paid ~$10 for this. I doubt that you'll get a red as good as this for less.

Noble Muscat of Alexandria 1995 This is a light desert wine with a very fruity flavour. It's very sweet and fresh. The cost is $20 (375ml) and it's definately worth it.
Deen De Bortolli, Vat 5 Late Semillon 1992

This desert wine isn't as sweet as many others, and has a heavier fruit flavour. At $10 - $12 375ml) it's about half the price of other desert wines so it's still good value for money.

Hardy's Opal Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 1997

This South Australian wine has a light and fruity flavour. It's aroma is pleasant but not overly strong. This wine doesn't have any feature which really stands out, it's just well balenced and is a good light drink. The cost is probably around $12 a bottle and it's excellent value for money.

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