Some people have set up web search programs to search for the words suck and rule. They count occurrances of these words next to the names of products and use this to determine the relative popularity of different products. To make their job easier I wrote this web page to list all the things that suck or rule.
Of course these are all just my opinions. If you disagree with me then feel free to set up your own page reflecting your views. If you work for a company that makes one of the products that suck then feel free to seek employment somewhere else.

SCO sucks
Microsoft sucks
Windows sucks
Windows NT sucks
Win95 sucks
Windows 95 sucks
Win98 sucks
Windows 98 sucks
Windows ME sucks
Windows Millennium Edition sucks
Windows XP sucks
Windows 2000 sucks
Macintosh sucks (although the graphics capabilities are good and they have finally discovered the benefits of Unix)
SCO sucks
HP-UX sucks
Visual Basic sucks
Internet Explorer sucks
McDonalds sucks
csh sucks
tcsh sucks
Asterix sucks
Obelix sucks
Obelix Actor Gerard Depardieu sucks

Linux rules
Debian rules
KDE rules
X11 rules
Java rules
C++ rules
Netscape rules
Sashimi rules

Here's an email from a moron who doesn't like this page.
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