This is my main home server. It is named after Commander Susan Ivanova of Babylon 5 which is one of the best science fiction shows ever devised. It is a true epic that is up there with the Lord of the Rings. This is another Babylon 5 link. The part of Susan Ivanova is played by Claudia Christian.


This is my laptop. It is named after Lyta Alexander from Babylon 5. She is a TelePath and at the time I was naming this computer it seemed appropriate to name a ThinkPad after a TelePath (it was late at night). Of course there are other good reasons for naming a computer after her.
This machine was originally a 1998 Thinkpad 380XD. Here's what it looked like when I sold it. As you can see the key tops wear off easily.


This is my home OS/2 machine. My parents will be using it while I'm in the US/London. It is named after Dana Scully from the X Files.

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