Here is a link to a site with information on Peter F. Hamilton and his books, I found it because they copied the picture from my site. ;)

On the 9th of October 1999 I went to London because Peter F. Hamilton was signing copies of his latest book The Naked God. See the picture of him below.

Anyway for those of you who haven't read his books, the Night's Dawn series (of which The Naked God is the third volume) is IMHO the best science fiction treatment of Christian type religious beliefs, anyone who is interested in such things and likes science-fiction should really like these books (NB the treatment of religion is quite reasonable and wouldn't have offended me if I'd read it when I was a Christian). I won't mention any more than that right now as I don't want to risk spoiling the books for anyone. Next time I update this page I will include the write-up from the cover of the first book in the series which has the official summary which won't spoil things.
The books are fairly thick, I had chosen not to buy the first book in the series for some years because I doubted that someone could create enough plot to fill such a volume. Do not be put off as I once was, there is enough plot and lots of really good scientific ideas too.
One idea that I have been thinking about recently is that of the Edenist society described in these books. This is a society based around living space habitats. These entities are intelligent creatures created for humans to live in. They provide everything that a city currently provides (including food), and it is all produced from materials found in space and energy. I think that this is achievable (although not for maybe 20 or 30 years). I expect that within 100 years sizable populations will be living in such habitats. Many people will disagree with this prediction, and some may laugh. But they should keep in mind that the first primitive valve computers were used in the 30's. If genetic engineers make as much progress over the next 65 years as has been made with computers over the last 65 years then we should then be able to create custom sentient space-dwelling organisms. Then it will just be a matter of growing the habitats which could take a few decades (creating a city that can house 100,000 people will take time no matter how you do it).
There's many other good science ideas in Peter's books, most of which I can't really mention without a risk of spoiling things for people who haven't read any of them. If you've read them and you're interested in discussing them then send me an email.
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