Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg is probably the most famous medieval walled ciy - to judge by the number of japanese tourists. In principle it could be a charming little town, if every second building weren't filled with some tourist trap. WARNING for anyone thinking of going there, don't buy the snowballs (Schneeball): they're not only overpriced, they're also really disgusting. Cuckoo clocks are also NOT typical for this fleck of Germany, and the Chinese make pretty good wood kitsch for around a quarter of the price.

Anyway you're probably wondering what all the hooo haa is about given this introduction.

This is the main square with some quaint little half-timbered houses:

A view from the outside of the battlements

One of the watchtowers

One of the enterances

After spending a day in Rothenburg we went on to Dinkelsbuehl 40 km south of Rothenburg to spend the night.